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Team Psycho Martial Arts & Fitness, LLC.

Passionate about fitness and dedicated to results, TPMAF offers 100% Coaching Led Programing to ensure our members, clients and students maintain motivation, receive accountability and guidance as well as consistent results.

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Our Mission

To increase the health, wellness and overall happiness of the world, one person at a time. 

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Our Strength Training Program focuses on functional movement, mobility, proper technique and form. Increased Strength, Endurance and Weight Loss are just some of the many benefits this class provides regardless the individuals fitness level. Strength is offered on Monday & Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 10am for members 12 years and older. (Private Coaching available for individuals and small groups starting at 8 years and above).


Our WKA Affiliate Kickboxing Program is truly unique as it offers a combination of Boxing, American Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Muay Thai techniques within a rich curriculum that allows Students the opportunity to advance in rank and is well suited for all fitness and experience levels starting at 12 years and above. (Private Coaching is available for this Program for Individuals and Small Groups starting at 5 years and above).



Our Boxing Program teaches the fundamentals of the sweet sport with a technical yet modern approach to accommodate anyone regardless skill or fitness level. Boxing is offered on Tuesday & Thursday in two series: 5:30-6am for our Breakfast Crew Boxing and 5:30-6:30pm in the evenings. Boxing is provided for members and guests, ages 12 years and above. (Private Coaching is available for individuals and small groups starting at 5 years and older).

Family Martial Arts

Family Martial Arts is a blending of Traditional and Modern practices as it combines Taekwondo along with elements of American Kickboxing to give a unique perspective to the popular Korean Martial Art. Students have the ability to promote in rank through quarterly Belt Promotion Tests. Workshops, Seminars and Competitions are also available year round. F.M.A is offered to members starting at 5 years of age. (Private Coaching available for individuals and small groups starting at 5 years old). 


Private Coaching

Private Individual and/or Small Group Coaching is available throughout the week in all Programs offered at TPMAF. Please contact us directly for availability and cost as we have many options available.

Saturday Stretch

An excellent offering that increases flexibility, mobility and muscular recovery. This offering is available to all members, ages 14 years and above.



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Additional Offerings

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Nutritional Coaching

A Premium offering focusing on Sports Nutrition and Supplementation.

On-Site Training

Schedule a Class, Seminar or Workshop at your Business Facility.

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Mike Weaver Sr.


Head Coach, Kickboxing

Head Coach, Boxing

Head Instructor, Family Martial Arts

Head Coach, Strength

Cert. NASM Master Personal Trainer

Cert. Sport Nutritionist

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Courtney Weaver

General Manager

Assistant Coach, Strength

Bachelors of Science, Ohio State University

U.S Army Veteran


Gnat Bagozzi

Head Instructor, Gnatural Stretch

Assistant Coach, Boxing

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